How I’ve re-committed to my morning self care routine 

In a perfect world, I would have time for ALL three every single morning (yoga, meditation and journaling.) 


But, I’ve committed to doing at least ONE act of intentional self-care every morning so that I’m a better mom, a better fiancé, a better business owner and just overall a happier, more grounded person. 💛


I wake up and pay attention to this: 


If my back is hurting, I practice yoga. 


If I feel I have monkey brain, I mediate. 


If I am lacking focus or confidence, then I journal. 


Here’s specifically how it looks: 


✍🏻 My journaling prompts are: “I’m the type of person who _____”


This one ⬆️ has been SO fun to write out and come up with bodacious goals and dreams, and it pinpoints clarity on who the heck I want to be (show up as) in the world. 


🙏🏻 Guided meditation has been amazing when I’m feeling overwhelmed and my dang monkey brain peeks its head. I know it’s time for meditation when I’m having difficulty making decisions and when I’m second guessing myself. Meditating brings me back to focusing from within and listening to my gut. 


🧘🏻‍♀️ I’ve been doing yoga for years, and over the last few months I haven’t made it a priority. My knee started bothering me, and my dear friend and acupuncturist Cherlyn recommended that I go back to practicing yoga. And it’s working! Less knee, back & hip discomfort. (Running around with a healthy/hearty/energetic toddler wears me down sometimes! 🤣)


Now you tell me, what’s one of your favorite self-care habits? Comment below and let me know!