Custom Clip-In Extensions from Glamhairus

What makes them custom?

I special order them to fit your exact needs regarding:





They can be ordered in any color. The texture can be ordered in straight, wavy or curly. They can be ordered in 14 inch for $250, 18 inch for $275 and 22 inch for $300 a pack. 


Each pack comes with 8-10

wefts of hair ranging in width of 1 to 6 inches. 


There are two ways to place an order:

-in person…. we’ll match the color swatches to your hair OR

-send me pictures of your hair in natural light and I’ll order them that way 


How you’ll receive them:

Washed, air dried and curled!


How long do they last?

-approximately 100 uses (depending on how well they’re taken care of)


How often do they need to be washed?

-approximately every 7-8 uses 


Can they be colored?

-it’s not recommended, we’d rather you order them in the color that you’d like.  If you change your color you can just order another set!


Are they 100% natural hair?



To set up a clip-in extension order contact


Here are a few happy clients wearing custom clip-in extensions from Glamhairus: