The easiest DIY hairstyle

As a kid, nothing could tear me away from my dolls! Barbie dolls, life size dolls, mannequin head dolls (I almost died when my parents gifted me a doll head for my birthday one year!!!) That meant I could play with their hair and do her makeup ALL DAY LONG!

I dressed every single one of my dolls up before the holidays and styled their hair. Just in case one of my cousins came in my bedroom to play, I wanted them to look fancy. I was pretty obsessed!

These days, the same goes for myself AND my clients. If I’m going out, I love doing a fun updo on my hair, throwing on a wig or coordinating and accessorizing my outfit. Luckily, I get to help my clients out with their look as well. 🙂

I got inspired by a hairstyle I saw on Kristin Cavallari (Jay Cutler’s wife) and tried to mimic it in this video. Check it out here:

What was the one thing you were obsessed with as a child? Comment below and let me know!