Totally worth the money

“If you’re on the fence about clip-in hair extensions… GET THEM! totally worth the money… no debate on that!”

I’m SO glad that you’ve been loving your custom clip-in extensions from Glamhairus Meredith! That makes me happy.

Hey there my friend.

Some of the feelings YOU will have when you’re sporting extensions:
-like a celebrity
-surprised (because they look so natural)

I’m a HUGE fan of wearing extensions! The only reason I don’t wear permanent extensions anymore is because I’m really into my wigs these days, and it’s really hard to wear both.

Check out this 1-minute behind the scenes video where I showcase the three different types of extensions that I specialize in:

Clip-in extensions

Hot fusion permanent extensions

Cold fusion permanent extensions

Does that help? What else do you need to know?


P.S. Did you see this how-to video!? It’s SO dramatic + fun!!

How to do a dramatic pony in 15 minutes