4 Reasons your curls don’t stay in your hair (and how to fix it)

“My curls never stay!”

Have you ever said that to yourself?

In a recent conversation I had with an upcoming bride, she said something to me that SO many of my other clients have said in the past. “My curls never stay in my hair!”

To be fair, there has been a few clients over the last 23 years of being a hairstylist where this was, in fact, true. Their curls do not stay. I know…….bummer.

But, most of the time this is NOT the case. Here are my top 4 styling tips that will make your curls last all day….I promise!

1. You need to have some layers (or some non-layered layers. Think: a razor cut lob) in your hair. In other words, you need the right haircut for your texture and length for these darn curls to stay.

2. You need enough styling product in your hair. When doing a hair styling lesson with a client, I’m shocked to see how minimal amount of product they typically use. It’s usually HALF of what they should be using.

Think of it like this… if you were baking brownies and you used 1/2 of the oil that’s recommended or 2 eggs instead of 4 eggs, the brownies would taste like what??? Crap! Same thing goes for the right amount of styling product in your hair.

3. My friend, do NOT use conditioner on the roots, or top, of your hair. That will definitely make the curls slip out and will flatten the top of your hair. I can’t tell you the amount of people that I talk to that don’t know that. It’s a game changer!

4. Lastly, for a night out or special event, clip-in extensions will 100% make your curls last all night. I’ve styled brides that are getting married in August and want long, flowy curls all day. Can you guess what I recommend for them? Custom clip-in extensions!

Check out how they look on some of my clients HERE.

“Style tip: If you give your hair style more TLC on day 1, it’s most likely going to look better on day 2, 3,& 4! So plan on curling your hair on the day you have more time. I often recommend to my busy clients, to style or curl and spray their hair in the evening. (As if it were the morning-the exact same steps) This way you can wake up and go! If you’re showering in the morning, just put your hair in a shower cap to keep the style from the night before!

Here’s a step by step video where I’ll show you all of the above steps

I’d love to hear from you, what’s your takeaway? Have you tried any of these styling tips in the past? Did they work? Does something else work really good for you? Let me know!


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