6 Hair hacks for growing out short hair when it seems impossible

Last week, my client and I were discussing a game plan to grow out her hair. That got me thinking… I should share these tips with you in case you’re growing out yours too.

If you’re currently in the midst of growing out short hair and are beginning to feel desperate, don’t panic; here are my six top hair hacks for growing out short hair.

1. Book regular hair appointments~I promise this will help you mama! I like to do a “non-haircut” haircut on my clients that are growing out their hair. This typically involves a dry haircut for most or all of their haircut. If you color your hair, keep up with your regular color appointments AND consider switching up your hair color a bit while growing out your hair. This will distract you from the length of your hair not being as long as you’d like! Book yours HERE.

2. Consider a wig! This is a great time to have a back up plan on those bad hair days or if you know you’ll be pressed for time. Watch this and see how a wig try-on session goes down with one of my clients. From brunette to blond in 60 seconds

3. Try getting a keratin treatment. If you’re on the fence about getting one, and your hair is not as shiny as it used to be or frizzier than you’d like, then I would definitely get one. Check out more info here about the benefits of a keratin treatment. You’ll love the results of this

4. Hair accessories are your best friend when growing out your hair! A headband or fun hair comb can make your do’ look spectacular AND it’s easy to still look put together by skipping a hair wash when you pull it back with a cute hair accessory! Check out how we used one headscarf three different ways HERE.

5. Extensions extensions extensions. Ever try them? When you’re growing out your hair, that’s a great time to give them a whirl! Talk about instant gratification-whoah! Read more about them HERE.

6. Be patient. I’ve heard from my clients SO many times, “that really wasn’t that bad!” in regards to growing out their hair. I promise, you can do it.

Have you tried any of these tricks when growing out your hair? I’d love to know. Simply reply in the comments below and let me know!