Hairstyling lesson with clip-in extensions

Well, this was FUN! 

Kati is a CEO of her own company and a momma of 4. She’s been wearing permanent extensions since her first child was born -10 years ago- and wanted to give her hair a break from wearing them. 

I suggested we try a hairstyling lesson with her custom clip-in extensions that she purchased from me 13 years ago for her wedding. 💓

During the 90 minute training, we discussed how to:

 clip in her extensions so they don’t damage her hair and stay in securely all day/night 

tease her hair so it stays full for 8+ hours (most people don’t know how to do this correctly)

 pin her hair half up using professional bobby pins 

 do a low messy bun 

 sport a full topknot 

 secure a full ponytail 

What she left with was: confidence, a Glamhairus Wondercomb, pictures to refer back to, professional bobby pins and EXCITEMENT! 

She even said class was a 10 out of 10! Woo-hoo!🎉

I can’t wait to see Kati at her next haircut appointment to hear how it’s been going with her new looks!

Do you have questions about this process? Comment below and let me know, I’m happy to help you out!


P.S. Check out more pictures of the styles we did here