This is my calling!

NOTHING makes me feel better than coaching other Hairstylists how to create a life and a business that they love! 🙏🏻 

I am high as a kite right now (see P.S. below) because I KNOW my struggles, my lack of clarity and direction and my lack of knowledge 14 years ago when I started my own business, doesn’t have to be what someone else’s is. 

It took me YEARS of figuring it out on my own. It took me thousands of dollars of investing in coaches, courses and memberships to figure out what truly makes me happy as a business owner and what attracts the most amount of income. 💃🏻 

Coaching is my calling. Coaching is my purpose. If I can help one person figure out what their dreams are and what their goals are, then I’m a happy camper. ⭐

What are you currently so friggin’ excited about right now, friend? Comment below and let me know. 


P.S. Take a look at what Morgan had to say right after our last one-on-one coaching call:

P.P.S. Are you looking for a business coach? Need some help and guidance when it comes to growing your business, organizing your time or showing up on social? Comment below with the word “CALL” and we’ll set up a free discovery call to see how I can serve/help/coach you and your business! 

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