When you have clarity, focus and grit

Man, this feels good! 🙂

6 years ago I was “soul searching” as to what I wanted my business to look like in the future.

I knew I wanted to serve as many people as possible, I knew I wanted to scale my business and I knew having a new baby with the way my life currently was (working A LOT behind the chair) wasn’t going to be ideal for when I was -hopefully- going to be a Mom. 🤞🏻

I asked myself, what do I LOVE talking about? What could I talk about for 22 hours a day? 🤔

I have done it ALL in my own business over the last 13 years. I’ve had up to 14 people on my team at one time. I’ve styled thousands of clients’ hair and started my own custom accessory, wig and clip-in extension line. I’ve hosted at-home wig and spa parties and created online content daily for years to showcase my business. I’ve pivoted my business so many times.

I wondered if other Hairstylists wanted to know what I knew about marketing, growing and scaling their business.

I had the idea to package what I knew about running a business into an online program and offer it to other professional Hairstylists. ✂️

Fast forward to TODAY… FIFTY (50!!!) people have gone through my flagship program, Glamhairus Academy, so far!

This is so exciting to know that with clarity, focus and grit, you can literally accomplish anything! 👏🏻

Will you celebrate with me by dropping a 🎉 emoji below? 


Head to this link if you’d like to learn more about Glamhairus Academy.