Pop of red for Vday and 5 unusual habits or absurd things that I do or love on the blog today!

I recently got a book from Timothy Ferriss called Tribe of Mentors  and in it he interviews wildly successful people and asks them a handful of the same questions. One of them is: What is an unusual habit or an absurd thing that you do or love?
That got me to thinking what are MY unusual habits and weird things that I do?! And oh my, I have many!! I’ll share a few with you just for the fun of it. I’d like to hear about yours in the comments below if you care to share 🙂
1. I check that I set my alarm clock AND that my front door is locked before I go to bed at least 10 times. (OCD!)
2. I always smell my money, ever since I was little. My mom used to say that I was so darn crazy and gross! Lol
3. I kiss my little dog Vinnie’s face at least 100 times a day to the point where I think he’s annoyed. Growing up, my Dad used to kiss us to the extreme and it annoyed my brother, my mom and I. But I guess the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!
4. When I’m into a certain food I’ll literally eat it way too often, then after weeks of doing that I’m completely over it and I can’t eat it again. I’m trying to get better at that and being conscious of having lots of variety in my diet.
5. I’m obsessed with high heels, they make me feel like I can conquer the world when I have a pair on! Plus they’re so pretty! I have them all over my house, lined up so I can see each pair, in all of my closets and under my bed. I made room for some of them where I used to store my large pots because I use them more that my pots.
Whew! It’s an interesting question to ponder, think about it and see if you can answer it for yourself.
Now, it’s Thursday so I do want to chat about my outfit. I’ve had this red dress for a couple of years and I’ve worn it many times and many different ways. It’s from, where else, Discovery?! Btw, I love a pop of color in just about any outfit-especially red at this time of year.  My jacket is about 8 years old and is from Diesel and I got it on a trip when I was in Montreal. My boots are from Charlotte Russe  and my hat, hoops and purse are all from Glamhairus.
Thanks for stopping by my blog, I hope you have a great week!
XXX Gina